Welcome to Day 12!

Sally Baucke

Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Author

In this interview we talk about:

  • From nursing to a talent show
  • Hopeless times came in between projects
  • God doesn’t waste time
  • Found her lane and stays in it (Sweet Spot)
  • It’s never too late to find your sweet spot

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  1. Good

  2. You made me laugh! I especially liked the emphasis on using your unique gifts in the way God has called you to use them not the way He has called someone else to use their gifts.

  3. Nice job, Leslie and Sally. God bless you both. Very enjoyable.

  4. I would like to view this please

  5. I’m requesting a replay of Day 12, please. I have missed quite a number of these amazing interviews due to unforeseen issues. I have been encouraged so much and challenged through these interviews.
    Thank you very much Leslie V.


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