Welcome to Day 13!

Kristan Dooley

Bible Teacher, Author, Discipleship Coach, Pastor, Leader of Renewal Women

In this interview we talk about:

  • Lacked confidence because she didn’t know Him
  • God trained her in confidence through a house project
  • Unemployed and not living the dream
  • Gaining hope through a cutting board
  • Being least effective in the middle of the door

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  1. Thank you for sharing Hope with me and being witnesses of God’s hope and love. I’m so thankful. God knew I needed confirmation and he provided me with your summit. I am gaining confidence and clarity in what I thought I was hearing and having been paralyzed by fear I needed this word to keep walking forward. Each day has provided a new hope! Thank you all!

    • Tina, your comments are so great! and honest. Keep following where God leads you and trust His steps.

    • Listening

  2. This was great. I am in a season where so many changes are happening and so many decisions need to be made and I can’t be afraid to act. I have to keep moving along and trust that God is guiding my steps or will redirect me or provide what I need if I get things wrong because I am staying focused on Him.

  3. I’m requesting a replay of Day13, please. I have missed quite a number of these amazing interviews due to unforeseen issues. I have been encouraged so much and challenged through these interviews.
    Thank you very much Leslie V.


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