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Katy McCown

President of She Laughs Ministries, Author, Writer, National Speaker

In this interview we talk about:

  • Gained hope out of a hopeless situation
  • In a season of hopelessness, she learned to seek God
  • It’s a continual “yes”
  • Pursue what God asks you to do
  • Doing things on your own causes lack of confidence

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    1. Loved this conversation so much. I’ve always been challenged by a lack of clarity and confidence in living out God’s calling for my life and Katy’s perspective on continuing to say yes, pursuing and partnering with God spoke volumes to my heart. My heartfelt thanks to Leslie and Katy.

    2. Strange how this never occurred to me in questioning why I lacked confidence in certain areas. It is because I was trying to do it on my own, apart from God. Thank you, Katy, for sharing God-given wisdom. Yes, I need continual surrender. Sometimes though I feel like I should not have to bother God with certain things. Even knowing that His Word says “apart from me you can do nothing.” Got it, consider the Word at ALL times in ALL things. In all thy ways acknowledge Him. . . looking forward to clarity in some measure. Thanks, Katy and Leslie V.


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