Welcome to Day 18!

Teresa Shields Parker

Christian Weight-loss Coach & Author

In this interview we talk about:

  • I have to have sugar to survive
  • God’s Plan Rejected
  • Surrendered Sugar Gained Clarity Through Process
  • Setting Smart Goals
  • The First Book

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    1. Surrendering to God & obeying what He shows us through that surrender is the only way strongholds of addictive behaviour can be conquered.
      As the bible says .. “we are more than conquerers through Christ Jesus!”

      Thank you so much Leslie & Teresa.

      • Thank you so very much for giving us access to these interviews! What inspiring nuggets of gold beyond worldly value! Thank you!

    2. I’m requesting a replay of Day 18, please. I have missed quite a number of these amazing interviews due to unforeseen issues. I have been encouraged so much and challenged through these interviews.
      Thank you very much Leslie V.


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