Welcome to Day 9!

Megan Gallagher

Motivational Speaker, TED Talk Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, Afterbuzz TV Host, Anxiety Advocate for Teens & Podcast Host

In this interview we talk about:

  • How Megan struggled with anxiety as a teenager
  • Time for a Change
  • Baby steps
  • Advantages of Therapy
  • Daily Disciplines

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  1. Good

    • Thank you Leah. What exactly was good about this?

      Leslie V

    • Great very interesting how she overcame her anxiety and continued to move forward.🙌 Awesome!

  2. How do we receive a free copy of her new release?

  3. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have access to the video a few days later. I would really like to see this one!!

  4. I’m requesting a replay of Day 9, please. I have missed quite a number of these amazing interviews due to unforeseen issues. I have been encouraged so much and challenged through these interviews.
    Thank you very much Leslie V.


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